So, we eat a lot at the hotel.  And I mean a lot.

 Not because we are scared of fake food in Guangzhou (may be we are), but because the Prego Restaurant at the Westin is absolutely AWESOME!!


Prego Restaurant is an Italian restaurant situated on the top floor of the Westin Hotel, in Guangzhou.  We have eaten here a few times during our visits to Guangzhou, and the dishes are top notch.  This time I had the Lobster linguine drowned in tomato sauce.  I don’t usually eat Seafood pasta, but when I do it’s at the Prego restaurant.  Other dishes that I would like to try is their signature pizza that features their barbecued lobster, with red onion and black olives.  Drools.

The restaurant doesn’t have their own individual website.  However they are featured on the starwood hotels page, so just click on it!

Hope that link works =p


Since the restaurant is located at the Westin, you  know the decor will be nice.  It has a East meets West kind of vibe.  It’s also a quiet place, so it’s a good restaurant to dine in if you want to just sit back and enjoy a beer / wine.  It has a breath taking view of Guangzhou, and I strongly recommend coming here at night to take full advantage of the skyline.

It’s an open kitchen restaurant, which is pretty popular nowadays.  Was it pricey? A bit, but you are dining at the Westin.  It also gives you a peace of mind about the food you are eating, as compared to the food provided at the local eateries in China.

Try it out!

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