My first ever outdoor cinema experience!  And in Brisbane of all places.  What did we watch?  The ever famous “Interview” with Seth Rogen and James Franco, and the plot is about assassinating Kim Jong Un.

Uh oh….this blog may get hacked now.


The movie was hilarious, for me anyways.  I like this kind of humor (stupid humor), plus James Franco did a really good job as Dave Skylark.  Haha.  what an hilarious character.  Super recommend you guys to watch this movie (either through the theaters, or through the not so legal way of downloading).


But you are probably wondering what the experience was like?  Pretty cool, you’re basically watching a  movie in the park.  There are bean bags you can rent so that it’s more comfortable.  The Boss and Julie got those.  I opted for the more natural experience, which was no bean bag.  Just lying down on the grass with my hotel towel.  haha.  It wasn’t too bad as we also brought the hotel cushions (yes ghetto we are).

The only downside of this?  The bugs.  The mosquitoes.  They were having an all you can eat buffet on us.  Why we didn’t bring bug spray, I can not explain.  I am still itchy 2 weeks after.  I also should have applied some after bite.  Why I didn’t do this I also can not explain.

I hope you all get a chance to watch a movie in the park, just remember to bring a bug spray!!


  1. very cool, I love outdoors movies here in NYC we have one in Bryant Park which starts June 22 and continue every Monday 5pm last show is Indian Jones my favorite

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