You can’t find good pho in Hong Kong.  You CAN however, find good pho in Toronto. I don’t know how that works or makes sense.  Maybe because there are more Vietnamese here in Toronto than Hong Kong.  I don’t know, probably that’s why.  So it’s only naturally on a cold chilly winter afternoon in Toronto that I would go to one of my favorite PHO restaurants, the Viet Noodle Star!



Located at the intersection of Midland and Finch, this is a typical local restaurant.  Nothing fancy, not over the top service.  Just quick, hot, delicious pho that would satisfy any type of hunger. My favorite dish that I always get here is the beef brisket / tendon noodles in tomato based soup.   Add some hot sauce to it and you get the best tasting pho evverrrr!

I have to remind myself to not order the large next time.  I couldn’t finish it…which means I can’t eat as much as before, or maybe the portions got larger.  Doubt it though.  Usually dishes get smaller over time, not bigger.  I think a small will suffice next time.  Try to go here one more time before I fly off.

This is what the restaurant looks like from the outside:


I wonder how you pronounce the name in viet.  One day I will go to Vietnam, and will ask the locals there how to pronounce it.  Yes.

You know what i also miss, the sriracha hot sauce.  My friends says it’s available in Hong Kong, but I don’t see it!  I only see chili oil.  I should take some back to HK because this hot sauce is dam delicious.


The mother tells me to stop eating spicy food though.  She’s right, my glass stomach will probably benefit from non-acidic food / flavors.

But….it’s so good……


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