We usually don’t go out for dinner in Hyderabad…..

because we are usually super busy at work. We don’t get back till midnight so yah of course we won’t have time to eat out. There won’t be any restaurants open right?

haha. and of course, it’s also cause we don’t know where to go..probably should do some research.

And research I did for one Saturday night. And that’s how I ended up at Tansen. This is supposed to be a top 5 restaurant in Hyderabad? Probably! It was soooooo good.


Only picture that I took of my food that night haha. I don’t know why….but that’s basically what we ordered. Curry, Naan you know the normal stuff you need to order.

Deliciousssss as I mentioned earlier.




Live band! Why not right? Yeah the interior of this place is just like a palace….nice…Palace atmosphere without the palace price.

Seriously, it wasn’t too expensive! 30 USD between two people? Damnn…where you find that kind of deal?






I took so much photos of our table haha. don’t know why. The cutlery / utensils / bowls used in India is so interesting and unique. It’s like I was eating from the olden times.


Will definitely come back next time!

Written from Park Hyatt, Hyderabad on January 25, 2017

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