Daisy said there’s this awesome pizza place.  So fine I had to go try it.  Why does this place not have a website?  Again only a facebook page ugh. have to give facebook some free advertising (not that they need it anyways).  Click here to get to Piccolo’s FB Page.



The one we went to was in Kennedy Town.  Small cozy place.

A lot of varieties in their pizzas though.  All the specials were in this hugeeeee menu.  So big.  They carry it around and just plop it on your table to read.

Too many choices to pick from.  I just want a normal pizza, with pineapple, mushroom and pepperoni!  instead, we went fancy with a pizza called “sex on fire”.  Or sex on the beach, but that’s a cocktail.  I don’t know.  I don’t remember now.  But there was the name sex in it.

Ah i just saw it on the menu again.  Sex on fire. there you go.

It was salami, chili pepper, cheese, etc.  Minus the chili pepper because someone can’t take spicy.  But it’s fine, I had Tabasco sauce and chili peppers provided to me.  Yea the pizza was not bad, its definitely thinner than Paisanos.



Waitress said that one pizza probably is not enough so we got wings.

Still can’t decide which pizzeria i like better, Picoolo or Paisanos.  I think Piccolo is nicer to sit in, and generally better atmosphere.  So I guess I would choose Piccolo first.  But both are good!

Next time I am going to try something off their main menu, because I  want some mushrooms.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2 2015


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  1. Funny you are eating Pizza in Hong Kong! I was imagining you were going to show us lots of local delicacies. I guess Pizza is the international food!

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