We didn’t intend to go to Xiao Nan Guo (literally means little south country in english).  We wanted dumplings yes, and that’s why we opted for Ding Tai Fung.

And then Ding Tai Fung took the Tuesday off.


Why would you take the Tuesday off?  Their reason was they had a “company party”.  I want my dumplings I don’t care!! Okay fine…it’s a successful restaurant chain they can have their holiday party..I’ll just take my mao’s else where (get it? Maos in China is like Bengjamins in US haha).  There was another shanghai restaurant in the same vicinity, and that was the little south country restaurant.  So we went.


And we ordered.

And we ate.

The food was not bad!  I don’t know why we didn’t come here before.  Probably because we never made it pass Ding Tai Fung.  haha.

Ordered tofu, it was good.  Tofu goes really well with rice.  That’s why we ordered rice, and that’s why I drowned my rice in tofu.  Was slurping my meal.  It doesn’t look good if you just read it like that, but trust me in reality it’s as disgusting, if not more haha.


I know I said the food wasn’t bad, but there wasn’t really a dish that was a must eat in my opinion.  I am giving this restaurant a good review, but I am pretty sure I will be going to Ding Tai Fung more.


And the steak was alright.


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  1. Eastern food is amazing and its culture itself

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