Hong Kong


I seriously hate Hong Kong summer.

Not because I am against the heat.

No I love the heat.

I just fucking hate the HUMIDITY HERE!

You have no idea the shit I go through.

I sweat like a pig. At the smallest hint of humidity my arms get wet like it’s fucking Niagara Falls. I get sticky, I get smelly, I get tired.

I just HATE going out in Hong Kong, especially on a super hot Sunday Afternoon.

But life boss could care less.


 Life boss says we need to go out more and see more of Hong Kong.

But it’s so hot life boss


Yep, that’s how I was dragged out of my very cool, air conditioned small ass apartment for a “quick stroll” at Discovery Bay.

Well Life Boss, this was not a quick stroll.

We had to go on the damn MTR, go all the way to Central, then take a damn ferry (which set us back 38HKD), and then ride out the ferry for 15 minutes.

Needless to say, I looked like I just swam across the Pacific Ocean.




I think life boss felt bad for me.

Because I was coming close to dying from the heat.

So to reward me, we had an excellet meal at Zak’s, which you can read about it here. 

Now, I have a tip for the people that want to save some money:


There is this ride and dine offer (I don’t know how long this promotion lasts) which saves you some money on your return trip back to Hong Kong.

All you need to do is eat at one of the participating restaurants, and BAM! You will get a free ride home.

Of course, there is a spending minimum which I think was 120HKD per person but hey you also save on the 40 bucks return home so not a bad deal!

Just find a booth that allows you get the free ride home (only if you have an Octopus Card though).

Every should now thank Choi and be super impressed with this tip!

Back to the heat.

It was damn hot. Choi had to take his shirt off and walk around. Life Boss was not too impressed. Or was she..?


I guess it must have been super sexy seeing my sweat drip down my chest hair.

Fuck my life.

It also doesn’t help I am a super dumbass and wore a black t shirt that day.

Don’t do that people.

Discovery bay is cool and all, but don’t come when it’s like 100000 degrees outside.



One final thought.

Our initial impressions of this area is that it’s really westernized, not Hong Kong at all! A lot of space, quietness, lot’s of expats. Felt like I was in Australia!

If it wasn’t for the shitty transportation options (i.e. must take a ferry to the city) I would definitely live here.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 14, 2017

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