Did you know Donnie Yen likes fish balls?!

I sure as hell didn’t!

What action star likes fish balls? Thought he be only into fancy wine and dine.

So I was super surprised when I saw his picture at this local fish ball restaurant called  蒂蒂香達濠魚丸:



I really thought he would not be into fish balls since it’s full of carbs. But yeh, I guess even international action stars needs some god comfort food.

Choi, who is Donnie Yen?

The hell? Are you serious? He’s the monk in star wars. He’s been in a shit load of Hong Kong films. You, get out now.


Le father says once a restaurant becomes famous, their food quality goes down.

And this restaurant does seem to be quite famous. When we walked in we saw the owner being interviewed. We also saw a shit load of other pictures of him with celebrities:



But is le father right? Is the quality worthy of a Donnie Yen picture?

Let Choi eat and decide once and for all:

  • The fish balls in my opinion were pretty damn good. The balls were bouncy and juicy in my mouth -> insert dumb immature joke here. Le father was criticizing it as usual. I swear, even if you give him gold he will still say what the fuck is this shit. Very hard to impress le father.UntitledUntitled
  • Our dessert, which were black sesame dumplings (I think). I really like black sesame so this was a winner for me!Untitled

I thought this meal was pretty kick ass. But le father begs to differ, so I guess I need to change my conclusion and say this was quite overrated.


Donnie Yen you should not come back. Why were you in Shantou in the first place?

Also, when you enter the restaurant you see the state of the kitchen:


Looks like shit right?

Looks not safe to eat right?

Well let me tell you this:


Looks like a school lunch room
Front of the restaurant

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 4, 2018

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