Whoever decided Bon Bo Hue should be breakfast food….

is simply a fucking genius.


The combination of hot beef broth, marinated beef shanks, pork blood (it’s damn good people), bean sprouts, and pork knuckle is simply too good to be true. Eating this for breakfast only means one thing: It is going to be a good damn day.

So good that when I was having this for breakfast at some random ass restaurant in Hue, that I felt like only the gods deserve to eat this delicious bowl of heaven.

Look at this, so damn fine!



I already mentioned what Bon Bo Hue is in an earlier post so I am not going to rehash that shit.


This post’s sole purpose is to gravel at the feet of Bon Bo Hue, and all the deliciousness it has to offer to this world.


You know what makes this even better?

When you watch the NBA finals while eating Bon Bo Hue for breakfast:


That’s right. GWS versus Cleveland. HA HA to Lebron you lose again in the FINALS. I don’t want to hear any more of this GOAT shit talk man. You ain’t even better than Kobe, get the fuck out.

Okay enough of my Lebron hate.

Back to this delicious, beautiful bowl of Bon Bo Hue.

Life Boss and I were so in love with this, that we had to order a third bowl to share.

This is how good, and addictive this shit is.


Unfortunately the owner also did not give us pig blood…he probably thinks we are damn tourists and can’t handle some animal blood.

Bitch! I am chinese ! we fucking eat everything!

But no hate…your bowl of noodles was still damn delicious.

I am not sure why Toronto / Hong Kong does not serve this for breakfast…so stupid. They should.

You know who is not stupid?

People that eat this for breakfast.

I love you Bon Bo Hue. You are god’s gift to mankind.

I hope everyone gets a chance to devour you some time….





Written from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Lounge on June 25, 2018

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