Hot dogs, spa, ham, in traditional spicy flavored soup.

MY GOSH, what a lethal combo. And this my friend is Budae Jigae, a dish I had many years ago in Seoul and have fell in love with ever since. It’s like the Korean version of hotpot.

YES. I love hotpot.

So one day after work we decided grab some delicious army stew because we are bad ass like that (and probably because we wanted to eat healthy). We went to our trusty Budae Jigae restaurant which is located near the office, 2 floors down in this old ghetto ass building. That’s all I can give you.

I tried to ask my local friends the english name / website of this restaurant. I was ignored. I don’t think anyone has ever asked them that question. Sad.

Anyways, how it works, is you choose the kind of Budae Jigae you want. There’s seafood, there’s mass meat etc etc. We of course chose mass meat.

In the army stew you also get noodles. But because we are such bad asses we decided to add instant noodles too.







I don’t think the instant noodles sat well with me as my stomach was telling me to go fuck myself for two straight days.


Aging perhaps?

If my stomach allows I will go and eat more army stew.

But I don’t think this is that healthy. All the carbs. All the processed meat.

But meh.


You have to indulge once in awhile.





Written from Seoul, Westin on March 24, 2017

Categories: Seoul

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11 replies

  1. I’m living Korea but haven’t tried it. Gotta try it soon. Looks delicious.

  2. I love this! I actually bought some instance noodles and tried it at home lol

  3. PS: Haven’t you got a new blog design? Looks great!

  4. Never tried that, but it sounds tempting. Not sure about the noodle issue though.

  5. Looking delicious.
    wanna try it right it right now.

  6. Never tried this before but seeing as I am a sucker for Asian soups, I already found a few places in LA where they serve it.

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