Was in Montreal for a couple days…and do you know what you must eat in Montreal / Quebec?

Of course Poutine!!!

Kickass poutine they have there….and on this particular lunch session we decided to go to this poutine shop called Frite Alors. And for those that don’t know…Frites = Fries.

I am so educated.




Yo so what did I order? i got the “l’eau a la bush” aka ground beef, onions and mushroom. Shit this was so good.

I also added some ketchup to it but not because I didn’t like the poutine but because I am in love with Ketchup.



So…what exactly poutine?

Yes people actually ask me what it is. I guess it’s not as popular as I thought it would be. Well per wikipedia its as follows:

In the basic recipe for poutine, French fries are covered with fresh cheese curds, and topped with brown gravy.[24] In a traditional Québec poutine:

Damn, I love Cheese Curds.



When you have lunch with 3 other guys, you are bound to drink beer.

So that’s we did. I got the IPA, because well I love IPA.


Man just writing this post..makes me crave for some poutine right now….damn…do they sell this shit in Hong Kong?


Written from Toronto, Home on February 4, 2017

Categories: Montreal

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11 replies

  1. I haven’t tried Poutine yet..sure will do next time I go to Canada.

  2. Sorry- I obviously started in the wrong place with your posts. 🙂 🙂

  3. Glad you liked it. Isn’t poutine so good! This makes me miss home.

  4. mmmm, cheese curds. Sounds disgusting but tastes like heaven. Think might have ruined it with the ketchup though 😉 j/k

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