Was in Montreal for a couple days…and do you know what you must eat in Montreal / Quebec?

Of course Poutine!!!

Kickass poutine they have there….and on this particular lunch session we decided to go to this poutine shop called Frite Alors. And for those that don’t know…Frites = Fries.

I am so educated.




Yo so what did I order? i got the “l’eau a la bush” aka ground beef, onions and mushroom. Shit this was so good.

I also added some ketchup to it but not because I didn’t like the poutine but because I am in love with Ketchup.



So…what exactly poutine?

Yes people actually ask me what it is. I guess it’s not as popular as I thought it would be. Well per wikipedia its as follows:

In the basic recipe for poutine, French fries are covered with fresh cheese curds, and topped with brown gravy.[24] In a traditional Québec poutine:

Damn, I love Cheese Curds.



When you have lunch with 3 other guys, you are bound to drink beer.

So that’s we did. I got the IPA, because well I love IPA.


Man just writing this post..makes me crave for some poutine right now….damn…do they sell this shit in Hong Kong?


Written from Toronto, Home on February 4, 2017


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