Hong Kong


Did you know Kowloon City has a little area called Little Thailand?

Choi definitely didn’t know.

Luckily for me life boss does a lot of research. She likes to research. She likes to plan. So big win for me.


And big win for my stomach because she took me to this really kick ass Thai restaurant called Lung Jie!


I need to rant about something first.

As you can see from above, the front of the restaurants says “Peelong” – don’t laugh, be mature please Choi!

But when I google “Peelong Thai Restaurant”  nothing pops up. I have to type “Lung Jie” instead.

What the fuck?

What the fuck what exactly is the name of this restaurant?

I will go with Lung Jie since that’s what it says in chinese, this is just damn confusing.


Another I want to tell you I get on with the food.

Is you need to come either SUPER early, or SUPER late because this joint is PACKED like a mofo. We came at 8PM and still had to wait for 30 minutes. So be prepared to wait even longer if you are coming at prime time.

But at least this means there is high turn over for the food.

And like most restaurants in Hong Kong, this is a good sign the restaurant is damn delicious!

Okay! On to the food!

  • The first dish that came was the raw shrimp. Loved this ever since I had it with JW in TST. Can’t go wrong with raw seafood if your stomach can handle it. Damn fresh and cold! Definitely my favorite dish here. Untitled
  • The skewers were marinated to perfection. Think Life Boss was not happy I ordered meat but Untitled
  • Authentic Pad Thai! Yes, I can say that because I’ve had many in Thailand, so good job Lung Jie! Untitled
  • Vegetable dish. Really hard for me to comment on veggies..I mean what do I say? It’s really green?Untitled
  • The disappointment of the night. This shit was too gimmicky. It’s basically curry in the bread. It looks big and huge, but it tastes bland. Maybe because the bread soaked up all the flavor but yeah, pretty gimmicky. Don’t order it please people. Life boss didn’t even kick my ass when we couldn’t finish this stupid dish (usually she yells at my over ordering) so you know she wanted to kill this dish too. UntitledUntitled
  • Ended off with mango sticky rice because why the fuck not? You are in a thai restaurant! Probably wasn’t a good idea though because we were stuffed. But this was good too. You can order this. Untitled


Love this place! Would come back, but every time I say that for a good restaurant I never go back haha.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 29, 2018


  1. Thanks for this helpful info. I’m making a plan to go tour to your city as I feel so much bore in this lock down.
    However, I am a foodie and love to taste thai foods and recipes. But I was confused on which restaurant I should go when I visit Hong-Kong.
    Thankfully, now I have a handful of options. Thanks for sharing this indepth info.
    One question- is there any restriction to visit your country due to Covid-19? Are the restaurants open?
    Waiting for your response…

    1. hey there – so here’s the thing, i am now living in toronto lol. but, from what i heard restaurants are still open with some restrictions. this could change though if the cases worsen. And I agree this lock down sucks.

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