F U?

Eating at FU1039! located in No.1039 Yu Yuan Lu, Shanghai, China (Zhongshan Park) , this restaurant was the recipient of the received the 2014 Certificate of Excellence.  Not really sure what that means, but it has to be mean this restaurant has awesome food! But before I talk about the food, I must say this is a great environment to dine in.  I really like the color combination, the furniture and the decor.  Felt like we were going to high tea instead of dinner.


Anyways, the first dish that came was our chicken dish. If you are familiar with chinese cuisine, you may know that there there is a type of garlic sauce that comes with the chicken.  Well in FU1039 they actually freeze this sauce (as depicted by the white stuff on top of the chicken above).  You are suppose to eat a piece of the chicken along with the ice.  The ice will melt in your mouth becoming the actual sauce!  First time having this experience, and it was really, really good too.


Then, I proceeded to eat and forgot to take any pictures.  I realized I didn’t take any pictures until halfway through.  This was what was left:


So we ordered another veggie dish, a sweet and sour pork dish and shrimp.  I also had two beers.  This place is really good, no wonder it certified as excellent!

Oh, another bonus in this place is there is a guy that plays the piano!  He played some pretty classic songs, so this is a good place to bring your dates!!


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