Is this really the number 1 Shawarma place in Riyadh?  Is it really?  Is Momma Noura that awesome?

I don’t know.


Like how cheap?

Like 2 Dollar US cheap.

2That’s really cheap motherfuckers.

It’s also probably why when I told the cashier I wanted just one Shawarma, he looked at me like I was a fucking retard.

And when I got my Shawarma, I know why.

This thing was damn small (size of my palm).  But I ain’t complaining, because it was only 2 buck! Hell Yeah! The taste doesn’t even matter, because it was so cheap I immediately purchased two more.


You would have done the same, don’t lie.

They put fries in the Shawarma here.  How interesting, definitely unique.  You know, I really don’t know taste wise if this is the best ever, or the best in Riyadh for that matter.  But the price definitely makes this visit well worth it.


Luckily for me it was only  a 15 minute walk, which is actually is hell due to the weather in Riyadh.  I was dying by the time I arrived at the restaurant.  I wanted to get a coke.  People there don’t drink coke.  Instead you can order a juice or water.  Ugh.  Okay give me a water.

I think Mama Noura is like a fast food version of the Shawrma dish.  They are fast, efficient. Just how I like it..if you know what I mean =p



You order at the front counter, and bring your ticket to the appropriate grill.  There they take it, give you a number and make you wait.

Then you go grab your food.

Worked for me.

Hell Yeah to cheap food!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 3 2016

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