I don’t recall ever having hot stone steak.

Like literally, a hot ass stone cooking a steak. I guess there’s the “chinese version” but I seriously doubt the steak is being cooked by the hot stone. Probably cooked before hand, and then these chinese people just put the cooked steak in a very hot plate.

That’s my two cents anyways.

I definitely have never seen a raw steak cooked right in front of me, on a hot stone.


Damn is this shit even safe to eat?

The waiter told me the stone itself has been in a stove for over 10 hours, so it’s super hot. I can tell that it’s hot since my steak was sizzling.

But uh..how do I cook this? After a couple minutes, my waiter realized I am a complete dumb ass and fool and don’t know how to cook it. So he came over and helped me do it. Scoreee!

Tada! My meat is done!

Probably a bit embarrassing that I need another man to cook my meat…but…what can you do. I didn’t want to ruin this fabulous piece of meat (this sentence is kind of wrong).

The steak unfortunately was a bit tough. And my super sweet iced tea. The locals here really like their sweet stuff. This is so bad for my low carb diet, so I just drank half of it.

Yeah didn’t think it was worth the price we were paying…..but the experience was pretty cool…





However, we did get a really cool view!

View was fantastic. Too bad I was eating with my boss, it was sort of a romantic atmosphere.

House of Wagyu, you were alright. Cool method of cooking, but maybe your meat can be a little bit better.









Super sweet iced tea


House of Wagyu

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 27, 2017

Categories: Manila

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  1. I am desperately trying to be Vegan for ethical reasons, and this post just made me crave steak super bad!

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