Hong Kong



Really? Me eating Veggie meal? This is a major first! Why did I eat a veggie meal? because I was visiting the Big Buddha and was STARVVVINGGGG. But of course nobody will be selling any meat or burgers here…even though I was super craving it.. so yeah after visiting the Po Lin monastery I went to a veggie restaurant right beside it.

Paid 150HKD for this entire meal!

Got soup, beans, mushroom + cabbages..? and some veggie spring rolls.

Vegetables is the name of the game.

I got really nothing to add. it’s nothing special. It wasn’t particularly flavorful.

It wasn’t bad either. I did feel quite healthy afterwards with no meat in me.

But don’t worry, I will not convert to a non meat eater. I like them burgers too much.

The best part of this meal?

When you buy the VIP meal ticket it includes an entrance into the Big Buddha! So big fail on my part because I already went up once…I was dreading going up the stairs the second time.

Inside the buddha was nothing spectacular but hey! You might as well get the full experience right.







Written from Hong Kong, Home July 8, 2017


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