2017 Ponders


Dec 1 – Flight delay in Singapore….

Dec 2 – good wedding wong!

Dec 3 – that was a crazy hike

Dec 4 – tired as fuck

Dec 5 – these herbal tea does wonders..need to learn

Dec 6 – apparently too much herbal tea causes constipation..

Dec 7 – been working on the same powerpoint for the last two days

Dec 8 – hate doing expense report

Dec 10 – failing in my low carb diet

Dec 11 – great dinner with great friends

Dec 12 – Hallllidays

Dec 13 – off to Toronto!

Dec 14 – Life boss is struggling with the cold. Lost a glove, lost a sock, both nostrils plugged

Dec 25 – merry christmas! Back from cuba! Sorry for no thoughtts in the last few weeks

Dec 28 – Niagara was collddd

Dec 29 – Love the raptors experience

Dec 31 – Countdown!

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