Okay let’s get this out of the way.

Bangkok is known for it’s red light district and happy ending massage parlors. Ain’t going to beat around the bush in regards to that.  But this blog is PG 13 so I ain’t going to be writing about night life sexual experiences (which I didn’t experience).

Instead, I will write about my massage (Legitimate) experience. If you want something more “happy” then google something else you dirty person.

I don’t think I have ever written about a massage experience, how interesting.

I was very sore this one Sunday and needed a MASSAGE BAD.

We walked past Lavana once for dinner and it was close to the hotel so sure why the fuck not.

And yes, this IS a legitimate massage.

Oh I should probably give you the quote for this place. The price of this place IS SUPER CHEAP. okay dollar amount is 250 HKD which is about 30USD which is WTF IS THIS ITS SO CHEAP kind of place.

AND FOR TWO HOURS. omgggggggg. so good.

Rooms were ordinary but again I am here for a massage and don’t need anything “special”.

The massage was SO GOOD TOO. My shoulders are known to be tight and sore but man she killed me. Literally tore my shoulders apart with her elbows. Dug in so deep. It felt so good, got that euphoric feeling that you want to chase in a session.

Again I am describing the legitimate massage.

After the massage I went back to the lobby and got served ice cream.

The helllllll? Random but I will take it.

I will come back when I visit Bangkok!







Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 23, 2017

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