I visited Saint Michael’s, Barbados in 2012 when I was still with my old company back home in Toronto.
I was surprised that we had a subsidiary in barbados, but because well that it is quite a random location. I was surprised to see there were many Canadian banks there (CIBC, BMO). I figure it must be because of some tax planning strategies.


Anyways, I was only there for a week so didn’t get to do much. For those that don’t know Barbados is a island country with 11 districts. As the office was in Saint Michael’s we stayed there at a nearby hotel. A photo of the neighborhood:


We did get a chance to do some site seeing, and one of the places we visited was the S. Lawerence Gap:

St Lawrence Gap


The gap is basically a street full of bars and shops. It’s really a nice place to walk, especially with the great weather that barbados can provide. And how better to enjoy the weather and atmosphere than with a beer?


The food was also amazing, as evident by the following picture:

Yum. Jerk chicken. I can not recall where we had this, but I do know it was not in some fancy restaurant. It was like a street vendor that had a tent set up for it’s customers. Nonetheless, delicious.


Finally, I give you a mountain view of Barbados. Our cabby (whom we hired for the entire week) was nice enough to show us around after work. Barbados is definitely a lovely country, and definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for a nice place to relax!

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