Cheonggyecheon River

This is a 5+KM river that runs through the city center. We pass by this every morning when walking to the office. I will attempt to jog here soon. Gorgeous at night. A little bit chilly though right now i must say.


Chicken and Beer!!!!!! In Seoul!

Apparently the koreans love their chicken and beer. Went to this on wednesday. It’s been a while since i had chicken and beer. No fried chicken and beer for that matter. I thought we over ordered, we did not. Good stuff.


So last saturday we went to Hongdae. I love Hongdae don’t know how many times i have said that. Went to this amazing restaurant and had korean BBQ. The marination of the meat was absolutely delicious.


Afterwards, we went club hopping. Got a great deal, 15000KRW (15USD) for five clubs. Clubbed till 3. Was exhausting did not wake up till 3 the next day. Much needed break from the long week!

Dragon Spa

So after Hongdae, I was in desperate need of relaxation. So i asked concierge and they told me to go to dragon spa. It’s a 7 floor massage parlor / spa. I had my very first traditional korea body scrub, and man do they ever scrub hard. haha. skin was very soft though.

Afterwards, went to the first floor where it’s communal for both genders, and everyone was sleeping on the floor. Don’t know if that is one of the main reasons why koreans have good postures.


Anyways, this was all last weekend. Going to do some more work and then head out for a bit. Ciao!


      1. Maybe I’ll blog on it in the future, although the pictures are from before I had a digital camera. Pretty old school pics. But I got an authentic experience living with the Korean side of my Family and going really off the beaten path.

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