Cayo Coco


Tryp Cayo Coco Resort


Cuba!!!!!! I believe we visited this back in 2009? It was right after I wrote my SOA (Second Accounting exam).
Most of you have probably heard about Cuba, it’s a country in the Caribbean that is not getting along with the United States. Politics aside, the country is beautiful with it’s white sand beaches, awesome food and nice people. We stayed at Cayo Coco which is an island in Cuba, known for it”s resorts.

I absolutely love all inclusive resorts. You wake up, have breakfast, tan, drink, lunch, nap, swim, dinner, drink, swim, sleep. Life was so simple. The biggest problem was trying to find a faucet to clean my feet.

[NOTE – These pictures were taken by my friend Carmen. I did not bring a camera, therefore I did not have any pictures =p]

I recall the food to be really good too. I think we went to two fine dining restaurants? But of course we weren’t really there for the food…



My awesome roomies for a week. haha. thanks Carmen for bearing with us.


I don’t think I have ever tanned as much as I have in Cuba. I was never as dark for that matter. I really miss the sun. In Hong Kong I am indoors most of the time, definitely need to get our more. We also figured the best way to tan our armpits was as follows:



Horse Riding

The resort also had a package where we could ride horses around the area. Definitely a good experience. I remember Michael’s horse taking a shit. Never rode a horse before, so was kind of worried. Was more worried when our horses started taking off. Errr…Either way, didn’t die. Came back in one piece.

I really hope I get to visit again in the near future. Hopefully!!! But if I do go, I really want to check out Varadero, as friend’s have told me you get more of the local experience.

Anyways, laters Cuba!

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