Why Cats Rock!

One of the things I really miss since moving to Hong Kong from Toronto is my cat. Some people like dogs, I happen to like cats!. I think cats get a pretty bad rep, but I think they are great pets especially for people that are lazy (like me). so I want to post a couple of reasons why cats rock!!!
1. They don’t need to be walked outdoors in the cold



Coming from Toronto, the winter there gets really cold. Now I can appreciate going to a dog park is fun for some people, and I must admit it is interesting to see dogs run around chasing each other having fun. But personally, I’d like to stay warm at home during the cold winter days.

Enter cats. They are happy being an indoor cat, not needing to go outside unlike dogs. They would stare outside for hours but they will be satisfied as long as you play with them.

2. They are independent, but they still need a hug of two now and then.


Cats are independent because unlike dogs, the domestication of cats is much shorter than dogs. They also do not need to rely on humans to hunt (unlike dogs, where they work together with humans to catch prey). Therefore, instinctively they are more independent.

That being said though, you still need to play with them and pet them. Cats are still social creatures, and they still need to be cared for! What I found out with my cat is that if I don’t pay attention to him for a bit, he will just follow me around everywhere. Comes to show, they are also interested in your daily life!

Their poo is easier to manage.

No need to pick up poo on the streets. No need to rush home to open the door for your pet to pee. No, the cat will do all their business in the litter box. You just have to make sure to clean it on a daily basis (that’s what I recommend, but I know some would clean 3 – 4 days). Convenient no?

4. Cats are intelligent creaturesCats are really smart creatures. Back home, when we go to sleep we usually close the room door so my cat can’t get into the living room (my room is quite big so there is a lot of space for him to roam). For some reason though, my cat knows when it’s bed time and like a little kid he will find ways to hide and to evade us. haha.

This is not a dog hater post, but more of a let’s promote cats kinda post hehe.


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