Toronto Raptors – Throwback Jerseys and Top 3 Moments!

Celebrating 20 Years in the NBA

Celebrating 20 years in the NBA!


Plus the Raptors are going to be in the playoffs this year. Though, it’s not expected for them to win since there’s Miami and Indiana. I really hope Miami does not threepeat this year.

Anyways, I remember when I went to my first Raptors game when I was very young, and when they were still playing in the skydome.The first player I remember in a Raptors Uniform was Damon Stoudamire, or mighty mouse.

I was so excited back then about a raptors game.

Anyways, since it’s 20 years soon I thought I go back down memory land and list my top 3 favourite raptor moments! Let’s go!

3 – Raptors Beat the Bulls

Seriously, the bulls were so good back then with MJ, Pippen and Rodman. Beating them was like winning the championship. Added to the fact that the Raptors were crappy just made it that much better.

2 – Raptors winning their first (and only) playoff series

Raptors with their first and only playoff win. Way back in the past when Carter was still a raptor. Those were the golden days. I remember when the raptors were the hottest ticket in town, not only in Toronto but in other cities.

After this series win they went on to play the 76ers. People say if Carter made that final shot they would’ve been in the finals. Oh well. Who knows?

1 – Carter winning the dunk contest

Carter and the dunk contest. The dunk contest hasn’t been the same since. In my opinion, Carter is the best dunker in history. Seriously, these dunks were so sick. I also believed he put the Raptors on the NBA map after this event. It also allowed the Raptors to get more exposure in the US (they would be shown on National TV). Good times.

That’s it! Go Raptors Go! I’ll be rooting for you from Hong Kong!!



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