Landed in Sydney on June 9, and not to brag, but I absolutely love this picture of Sydney.  here you see downtown Sydney, opera house, and the harbor bridge. Took this picture while the plane was landing.  Got very lucky though, since that day the sky was clear with the sun, and the fact that the harbor was on my side of the plane was a big bonus.

Anyways here’s an aerial shot:


Have a couple of things planned this weekend, so hopefully it will work out.  It is a bit chilly, and the days are shorter (it’s winter right now in Australia) so depending on the weather, we may not do all the things that we want to do.  Won’t be able to blog about my visits in Sydney just yet, since I need time to write them. In the meantime, just enjoy my Shanghai / random posts for now.  I will try my best to get my Sydney posts up by early next week, though I can’t promise anything at this time.


Things I want to do?

Climb the harbor bridge, go to blue mountains, see the botanic gardens, go to the opera bar, go to the casino.  will try my best to do all that, but may be difficult since we will be flying away to Adelaide next weekend. I only have one weekend!!!

Side note – I am driving in Sydney.  I improved from last year ( haven’t gotten honked at yet) but, man is it weird driving on the wrong side left side of the road. I have gotten used to it now,  but I sometimes still look at the wrong direction while turning.   dangeroussss.   The lanes here in sydney are also quite tight……

How I miss driving.

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