Food For Thought

Why failing is good for you

“Why is failing bad?  Failing teaches you how to survive.  Failing teaches you how to be successful”

I was watching this chinese Drama the other day (it was about the three kingdoms if you must know), and I stumbled upon this very inspiring quote.

I believe in Yin yang theory, in that everything in the world and life is balance.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.

When you fail, you get this sad, depressing emotion that overcomes your entire mind and body.  You don’t want to do anything for the rest of the day, rest of the week, or perhaps even the rest of the month.  it’s hard to control emotions, yes.  But without failure, how can there be success? If you don’t see the mistakes that you’ve made, then how can you prevent them in the future?

I don’t think anyone can be successful on everything they do.  However, I do believe successful people possess the trait of never letting go, never giving up, and never listening to the people that say they can’t.  They only listen to that voice inside their head that says “You can do it”.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Imperfection is what makes life perfect.

So go on, fail, and succeed.



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