Welcome to Bondi Beach!  This is a very popular beach among locals and tourists, in my opinion because it’s located really close to the city center.  I was staying near the Darling Harbor, and from there to Bondi Beach only took 15 minutes via driving.  Apparently the name “Bondi Beach” in Aboriginal means “water breaking over rocks”, and I can see why it’s named like that.  It was a nice breezy, crispy day in Sydney (It’s winter there right now), with the sound of the water splashing against the rocks on each side of the beach.  Very relaxing.


Took the opportunity to snap a couple of photos of the beach:


Also took a break from all the walking with a nice cold alcoholic beverage.  At the moment I was thankful for being lucky and blessed.  Being able to travel to different cities and countries is definitely a gift, and I don’t intend to waste it.

I highly recommend coming here during the day when the sun is out, but also try to come when the sun is setting.  The view is just stunning during this time.  I also mentioned earlier that it is winter time at Sydney.  Despite this, the love for surfing never seems to die away in Sydney.  When I was at Bondi Beach, I saw a lot of surfers surfing till dawn.  Although they had their wet suit on, I would assume it is still cold (I am told the wet suit prevents you from getting wet, but it doesn’t keep you warm still).  As long as you have passion for something you can always overcome any obstacles.

Bondi beach is really easy to get to, all GPS / Cab drivers would know how to get o it.  Further, you can always google the address or ask your hotel concierge for directions to get here.  Definitely a must visit if you are around the Sydney downtown area!!


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