Harry’s Cafe De Wheels is an Australian iconic hotdog / meat pie eatery.  On our way to  Blue Mountain one Sunday afternoon, we passed by the Harry’s Cafe De Wheels and my friends asked me if I wanted a hot dog.  If you  know me, you know I am absolutely in love with Hot Dogs ( I miss a good ol Toronto Downtown hot dog by the way).  So naturally, I said hell yeah! and in we went.


Note website is :


We were at Harry’s Cafe De Wheels,so I had to order the “Hot Dog De Wheels”.  And I quote directly from the website “Continential Viennese smoked frankfurt served with mushy peas, chilli con carne and garlic onions with cheese sauce and chilli sauce.” .. Yum

It’s still not as good as the hot dogs I have in downtown Toronto ( Seriously, you have to try it if you are in the Toronto area).   But it was not bad, and given the fact I haven’t had a good hot dog in Hong Kong in the longest time, this was a nice change from all the chinese food / burgers that I’ve been having.


I also ordered a meat pie.  It’s meat, in a pie.  I’ve always had apple pies but never really tried a meat pie.  It’s really popular in Australia, with several meat pie chains around the Sydney area.  Going back to Harry’s Cafe De wheels, it’s not a fancy restaurant per se.  However, their main selling point is not the decor of their restaurant, but rather their food which for me, works out just fine! I will be back, to try out more of their other menu items!

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