Hong Kong



Can’t remember the last time I had ramen…was a long time ago.  Not sure why we chose to try out this ramen place near my home.  We WERE tired from Shenzhen…so maybe..? Hakata Ramen is near my home, and was a restaurant that always caught my eye because it was so damn small! So instead of being boring and predictable (usually go to this other noodle restaurant) we tried a new restaurant!


This is a cozy little restaurant. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long because there was only two of us! If we had a party with us then we probably would have to wait for 1 hr plus because this place just won’t fit all of us.

If you are wondering if I ordered Ramen and a Ramen restaurant then yes, yes I did. I ordered the eel ramen noodle.


Fucking good!

Life boss didn’t order the eel even though it’s the most popular dish there. She went for pork belly which you can’t really go wrong either.  This time my dish kicked her dishes ass! Which doesn’t happen too often.


The bill came to 220HKD which was quite pricey for 2 ramen bowls. So even though this place had good food, I probably won’t come back! I feel like they over price the dishes just because it’s “ramen”….




Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 5, 2017


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