Welcome to Chinese Lion Dancing!

This was one of my first early passion, traditional chinese lion dance.  It allowed me to get in some good exercise (it’s really good cardio), get to perform in front of people, and the best of it was just give the audience a good time.  Chinese Lion Dance is something that has been passed down many many, centuries ago.  It requires a team of people (usually from 6 – 8).  It is accompanied by a musical team aka drums, symbols and a gong.

This is a form of celebration, and can be seen for any new store openings and weddings.  Of course, you will see these guys everywhere during Chinese New Years!  I have been doing this since I was a little kid, and have been going around performing in Toronto every CNY.  This didn’t change since I moved to HK, as I still go back to Toronto every year.

the ultimate goal for lion dancing is to eat the lettuce (literally).  Yep, chinese lions are vegetarians i guess lol.  It’s also a symbol of luck and happiness, and is suppose to drive away evil spirits.

I think it’s important to keep your childhood hobbies, we always think about getting old but if keep the things we like to do since we were kids, then its almost like reliving the kid that is inside you.  Anyways, is this hard to do?  Not really, you just have to purchase a lion head put it over your shoulder and walk around. Of course, if you want to be good at it then you have to put in the practice time! But that just holds true for everything in life.  You have to work on it.

Time for some self promotion here, the website for my kung fu club is http://www.pakmei.ca

It recently underwent a makeover in the website, so have a look.  I am not in charge of the content there, which means its probably more coherent and understandable haha.

We also have a video, can check it out =)


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