I know the weather is changing in some parts of the world. Well here in Hong Kong it still feels like it is summer.  So what are some good methods to combat the heat?

Beer and Kayaking!


I was invited to go Kayaking in Sai Kung by one of my friends, and although I never Kayak’ed (is that a word?) I knew I would like it, since I lovveeeeed white water rafting in Ottawa.  So I said hell yeah let’s do it.

We Kayak’ed (again not sure if I am using this right) in Sai Kung, which is a town located in New Territories.  For those taking public transportation, simply go to Choi Hung Station, find the exit that says “Mini Bus to SaI Kung”, I recall it was exit C.  From there, find the mini bus “1A” which will take you directly to Sai Kung Pier.


The buses are quite frequent, but tt will take about 20 – 30 minutes to get there.

 So either find a friend you can chat with, or put on some music and doze away.  Unfortunately I was stuck with these guys (Nate and Joyce):


Once you get to Sai Kung Pier, simply walk towards the end of the pier (not the restaurant side) until you hit a shop that has Kayaks.  What is the cost you ask?

Total of HKD200.  If you return the kayaks before 3PM, you get a discount of 40 bucks or something.  Regardless, it’s a pretty good deal.

So we got our kayaks, and off we went!!


The weather was perfect as the sun was out with a bit of a breeze, so I was able to get my tan on (that’s right get my tan on).

We paddled around the area, and docked on several islands.  If you know the way, you can probably find an island where it’s very remote and quite.  We were able to kayak through this area where it was really quiet, I almost fell asleep.  Look at this review though, gorgeous:


Now, Kayaking is hard work.  And you will get tired. But stop complaining, it’s fun!

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