The woobar at the W hotel in Guangzhou! Why did we come here you are asking?  Well..because we had a late night at work, and we ran out of things to do In Guangzhou!

The woobar at the W Hotel is located near the lobby of the hotel.  Side note – The W hotel is such a gorgeous hotel, though I will probably never be able to afford it.  The decor of the hotel is so funky and futuristic.  Really want to see what the rooms look like.



So like I said, we decided to go to Woobar some food and drinks.  Me being the dark beer lover, ordered a Erdinger:

Man the bottle was huge! Usually a bottle of beer will fill up one glass, but this bad boy made me drink two full glasses! Not complaining at all.


For food, of course I ordered pizza.  Not even sure why I had to type it out.  Beer and Pizza goes together too well.  I will never give up on this combo ha ha ha.

But how was the pizza?  It was delicious!


Hey question – Do you guys like to add Tabasco sauce to your pizza? Cause I do! I like spicy food, so I tend to drown my pizza in Tabasco sauce.  Yes my lips and mouth was burning, it was like a volcanic explosion in my mouth  =p

For those wanting the address, its:

26 Xian Cun Road, Pearl River New Town

The website can by clicking here:

Hope you guys liked this post!

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