MORE RAMEN. This RAMEN is from the popular RAMEN restaurant called Ichiran.  Recommended by my food buddy, we decided to give this place a try on a friday night.  At this restaurant, you are given the ability to customize your RAMEN, including the thickness of your noodles, the amount of oil you want, the types of ingredients, the level of spice.


My opinion of the food?

It was alright. 

I don’t know if it’s because of the combination that I chose (as follows):


Normal Oil level

Medium Spicy

Normal size noodles

Strong soup flavor

The soup base was pretty good, but I was not full nor I was really satisfied with the overall taste of my RAMEN.

But it’s still popular. There was a long line up already when we left at 8PM.

Another weird thing is that you eat in a booth, so you don’t really see your friends while eating.  Kind of weird to be honest.  Not sure if I would come as a group setting.


It was pretty expensive.  I already picked the basics, which came to HKD(90).  I can probably get the same type of ramen for about HKD50 in TST.  I think the hype is because this chain originated from Japan.  I found the site from Japan, but wasn’t able to locate a Hong Kong site.  I hope this one is legit.

For those that still want to try it, the address is as follows:

Shop H & I, Ground Floor, Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Road,Causeway Bay

For more reviews on this restaurant, you can check out open rice:

I guess I should add that we went to Mcdonald’s after.  =p

Mandatory selfie at the RAMEN place:


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5 replies

  1. eat it there lol I must be starving 😉

  2. This is real torture lovely food yummy I can wait to it it there :))

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