Simply put, I love Burgers.

I a;so love the Blue Frog Burger restaurants in China.  I fell in love with the happy hour deal, the burgers and chicken wings when I first had it in Beijing.  I was ecstatic to find that there were Blue Frogs in Shanghai!  This time we went to the one  located in Lao Wai Jie which was really close to our hotel.


Lao Wai Jie I think is suppose to be an expat bar area.  Don’t think it is succeeding since it was fairly empty.  The location is also not the greatest because it is located in the suburbs of Shanghai, so not much people will come here again (they probably end up at the bund).

Anyways, back to Blue Frog.  One of the awesome aspects of Blue frog is their happy hour deal.

The happy hour deal is that you buy one get the next drink free.  So I loaded up on beer ha ha.
Didn’t go too crazy since it was a work night, but I think I will come back again next time just for this deal.

My favorite burger at the Blue Frog is the Montana, which is an angus beef burger with two onion rings in it.  SO DELICIOUS. Although not my favorite burger at the moment (The diner wins hands down still) but I know I will still come back.

The website for Blue Frog is as follows:


For those wanting to find the Blue Frog at Lao Wai Jie, the entrance looks like this:


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