Getting so sick of in room dining.  Been eating at the hotel for the last few weeks.  Have no one to blame but me, I always say I will go out after work to eat…but…it’s just hard.  Traffic’s bad, you’re tired, it’s hot, you just want to go back and sleep.  Well, Daisy told me to go to the japanese restaurant that is right beside the hotel.  Oh how I forgot about this place.


The place is called Doangu, a Japanese restaurant.  I tried to baidu it, but failed in locating the address or a website.  It’s located right beside the Westin, on the 4th floor.  Can’t find it? ask the concierge at the hotel lol.


Haven’t had japanese food in I was looking forward to the meal.  Order a set of salmon sashimi, because I can.  It was cold, fat and delicious.  I need to go on a salmon binge soon.  Probably when I go to back to Hong Kong.  There were about 5 pieces.  I usually can eat about 15.  Oh well, it’s not an all you can eat place.


For the main dish I ordered the beef egg rice.  Too much rice in my opinion.  Need more sauce as well.  The beef was good, had a lot of onions.  But again, the bowl can do some more sauce.  And less rice.  Didn’t even finish the rice, I just ate all the beef and egg.  Only makes sense right?


This place was near the hotel, not too expensive, okay food.

Conclusion? I will come here more often.


  1. That sashimi! Will give it a go next time I’m in Guangzhou! We usually go to Salam on the 6th floor at the Asia International hotel for a fab middle Eastern buffet for only 168RMB per person. Fab food, great salads!

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