Sometimes random meals are the best.


You don’t have to think of where to go.

You don’t have to plan.

You don’t have to make reservations.

You just get up, and go to a random restaurant.

Sometimes you eat a shitty meal.

Sometimes you eat a great meal!

This is a story of our random lunch at Pier 88. 

Sri lanka

The main reason why we walked randomly for lunch…

was what I mentioned earlier. We were too damn lazy to find a particular restaurant.

Also, because there is literally no food around our resort.

We were also getting sick of resort food (and broke too).

So we decided to venture out in the smothering heat in Bentota and came across this patio restaurant called Pier 88!


We got sold by this place because it’s by the water.

Which meant breeze.

Which meant we can cool down.

Plus it was quiet (empty as fuck).

So we sat down, looked at the menu and ordered the following:

  • My roasted half chicken with gravy. Delicious. Meat was quite juicy. And the gravy. You simply can’t go wrong with gravy my man!Sri Lanka
  • Life boss huge ass sandwiches. Huge ass as in there was a lot of sandwiches, pretty sure she didn’t finish this. Such a waster! I think she liked it too so overall not a bad meal. Untitled

Though we were not fully blown away from the meal, this was still pretty good. Mostly because the food in Sri Lanka has been shit so far, so anything that is edible will be super good for us.

Share your random meal stories in the comments below! Would love to hear about it.


Written from Toronto, Home on July 16, 2018

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