Our tour guide told us to go for a local village tour.

I immediately got scared.



Because our Sri Lankan tour guide, though nice, keeps laying tourist traps for us. From excursions to meals.

But since we are stuck with him (he drives us around), we said “okay, let’s give this another try”.

Crossing our fingers, we were taken to the “village” in an ox carriage.

Pretty sure villagers don’t ride in ox carriages.

First bad sign.

Sri Lanka

Felt kind of bad for the ox. It was damn hot, and the driver kept hitting them.

I am sorry poor ox, I am a tourist that’s trapped here.

After a 10 minute ox carriage ride I thought we arrived at the village.

Nah. Not yet.

We were taken to a boat, where we got to go to a very nice lotus pond.

Quite beautiful actually.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

It was beautiful.


Our boat guide (different from our tour guide) even made us lotus hats, though I personally think it makes us look super stupid haha.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Surprisingly, we were having a lot of fun at the this tourist trap of a tour.

But then it hit me.

When are we going to visit the actual village?!

Like we literally spent the entire morning on a boat and on a ox carriage. Not your typical village tour I must say.

Well after our boat trip was finally done, we were lead to this “village hut”.

Which really was just a kitchen where we got to learn how to cook local food. It was also where we had lunch.



Don’t get me wrong.

The food was delicious.

It was also fun learning from the locals how to make traditional Sri Lankan food.

But err…I thought a “village tour” should include us seeing the way of life of village people.

And where they live.

Instead our village tour consists of going to some random kitchen in the middle of nowhere in the forest.

err…yeah…not so impressed with our tour guide..

Let’s not listen to him anymore going forward….


Written from Bovec, Air BnB on July 6, 2018


  1. Well, that was your village tour 🙂 Almost every nook and corner of the world, you will encounter with such people 🙂 Sometimes you can skip from their trap, sometime don’t and it happens to almost everyone.

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