Who likes tourist traps when they travel?

No one.


So when the local guide that we hired for our trip to Sri Lanka (first ever trip there by the way) asked us what we wanted to eat for lunch, we had the following conversation:

Tour guide: ” what food would you like to eat?”

Choi: “Local food please”

Tour guide: “okay! local food it is!”.

Choi: “yes, no touristy restaurants please”.

Tour Guide: “Of course”.

Choi: “Like, I want real Sri Lankan food”.

Tour Guide: “Okay no problem. There is a restaurant near the lake. Let’s go there”.


Local Sri Lankan restaurant near a lake? This sounds suspicious to me…..


But since I just met this tour guide, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Benefit of doubt should not have been given.

We arrived at the restaurant, and I already knew we were fucked.

This was a tourist trap restaurant.


How did you know this was a tourist trap choi?


For me I use the following 4 points to identify if the guide has fucked me over with tourist traps.

# 1 – There are more foreigners than locals.

This is the first big giveaway. If you see more foreigners / tourists than locals at a restaurant it’s best to turn around and get the fuck out.

The locals know where to eat, what to eat.

Us foreigners don’t know jack squat. So don’t eat where all the tourists are eating.


# 2 – It’s expensive

We are in freaking Sri Lanka. Things should not be expensive here.


So why the hell are all the dishes priced at 10USD or more?

Come on man!


# 3 – It’s by a lake


In a lot of Asian / South East Asian countries they think tourists love eating by the lake. So they use this as an excuse to drive up the prices.

I personally like to eat by the lake, but not when I am traveling dammit. I want the local experience!

# 4 – The food is shit.

If you are in a tourist trap restaurant, chances are you have to eat over priced shitty food.

And shitty over priced food is what we got at this restaurant.

  • My cold ass Biryani. The rice had not taste. The chicken was cold and flavorless. You are a fail of a dish. Untitled
  • The curry that was cold. How the fuck do you make curry that is cold? Was it just sitting in the kitchen for 1 hour? Come on seriously you are not even trying now. Untitled

We got tourist trapped hard.

I hope you follow my four points of tourist traps to avoid this shit from happening to you.

Tell your tour guide you don’t need to eat by a lake.

fuck that


If you guys have another tourist trap pointers let me know!


Written from Bled, Hotel Ribno on July 4, 2018


  1. Hey Choi, we were conned by a very convincing local in Sri Lanka. Long story short, we thought he was showing us where he liked to go in Sri Lanka, but we ended up at a jewelry store where the tourist trappers wanted us to buy sapphires.

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