What can be better than Oyster Omelettes?!



Okay maybe pizza..or a good hot dog in Downtown Toronto…or a delicious burger….

But I am in China. So fuck those shit right!?

Le father loves the chaozhou oyster omelette dish, so our friendly local tour guide took us to one very local, ghetto looking oyster omelette restaurant!



What is Oyster Omelettes?


Well, it’s a mixture of eggs and Oysters!

No Shit Choi.

Okay smart ass, let me tell you more.

In addition to oysters and egg, starch is also added to give it that thick ass consistency. I think this is what makes the oyster omelette so damn good. That texture! Damn!

To give it an extra kick, Pork Lard is also used to give it some more flavor.

This damn delicious dish is served almost everywhere, from China to Singapore to Taiwan. Asians simply LOVE this, and I hope everyone else in the world gets a chance to try this damn good piece of heaven.

Where to get the best oyster omelette?

Well if you ask Choi, the best place to get this is at a LOCAL ghetto place in China. It has to be so ghetto that you can’t even find this on the internet.

So yes, I can’t tell you where our local guide took us, because the store does not exist on the internet (should I be worried?)

This ghetto place was really small, but there were a lot of people sitting inside already. So that was a good sign.


  • They cook one order at a time, so prepare to wait a bit. But it’s damn worth it, they make these pancakes from SCRATCH!UntitledUntitled

Fuck look so good.


  • Pancakes were damn delicious that I can tell you. The egg was so fluffy, oyster was so fresh. One of the best oyster pancakes I have ever eaten!UntitledUntitled

Due to the damn delicious oyster omelettes, we were craving for more FOOD! So we ordered the clam soup:

  • Damn fresh clam soup. A must order as well. Went very well with our oyster pancake.Untitled

I love these local experiences and I hope when you go traveling that you try these places out too.

Yes it might look dirty and small and not comfortable, but if you want the full travel experience you have to venture out and take some risks!



Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 8, 2018

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