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Why do I always crave pizza?

Like whenever I travel and am eating in a tourist trap restaurant like Golden Kite, I always scour the menu for a pizza option.

Are cravings more psychological? Or is my body telling me I need to eat something more tasty, more nutritious.

More nutritious?

Yes I don’t care what people say. Pizza is damn nutritious.


Eager to understand the cause of my pizza cravings, I took to the internet to learn more about what the fuck is going in my body. (Source – Medical News Today).

First cause of cravings is due to hormonal imbalance.

The fuck?

Do I have hormonal imbalances? I mean yes I do get angry from time to time, but I don’t think I am imbalance am I?

The internet also says pregnant women gets a lot of hormonal swings that results in cravings.

Um….I don’t think I am pregnant. I really don’t think this is the cause of my cravings for pizza…But maybe I do have hormonal imbalance..I am so confused now.


Emotions also causes cravings.

Like if you are sad or emotional you tend to want to eat a particular type of food.

Mmmm…also not sure if this is the cause of my cravings.  I mean when I was eating at this restaurant I was hungry, cold, and not satisfied.

After eating this god awful pizza? I still felt like shit. Though it has more to do with the shitty ass pizza probably.

  • God awful pizza. It’s basically frozen pizza. I can make better at home. This was a waste of my time and a waste of space in my stomach. Wasn’t angry though, because what do you expect in a tourist trap restaurant right? Untitled

Final cause – you simply just live that particular food.

I think we hit the jack pot. I just love pizza!


Just simply can’t get enough of this dish.

I really think this is the cause of my cravings. So Life Boss, stop making me feel bad about my cravings. I am not crazy, I don’t have hormonal swings okay!



No you calm down. I won’t calm down when it comes to pizza!

Even though I had a shitty pizza here, I still love it and I will CONTINUE TO FIND THE BEST PIZZA IN EACH CITY.


Life Boss Lentil Soup
Pancakes – it was alright.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 12, 2018


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