Hoi An


Boys – did you ever get jealous of what your significant other ordered?

How does it feel?

Does it hurt your manhood?

Do you beg your significant other to give you some of their food?

Do they then reject you and make you feel even more of a loser?


For Choi, when Life Boss orders something delicious he gets super jealous and wonders why the universe has conspired against him.

Fortunately this does not happen a lot of times because Choi knows what he likes and what he likes is what he orders. This makes Life Boss jealous of his dishes.

Unfortunately, there are times he fucks up royally. And fucked up he did during a lunch outing at Hoi An.

We were chilling at the An Bang beach and didn’t have lunch plans.

Hoi An

Hoi An

More specifically, we weren’t going to eat by the beach.

But then 2PM hit, and BAM! Here comes Life Boss’ hunger! And when she gets hungry you better find her some food ASAP because she turns super crazy like the hulk.


Luckily for my ass, there was a nearby beach restaurant called Deck House.

We quickly sat down, got the menu and begun to order.

Hoi An



The menu consisted of burgers.

Which I immediately gravitated towards.

Sigh what is up with my love for burger? I just can’t get enough of it. So surely enough I ordered the beef burger.

This was where I went wrong.

Choi – you are Vietnam. Why the hell are you ordering burgers and fries? You can get plenty of that back home.


At least the burger was not too bad…until I saw what life boss had ordered.

  • The burgers and fries that I ordered. It wasn’t too bad…until….

What did Life Boss get?

Pork Skewers with rice noodles, Vietnamese style:

  • Her damn delicious dish. I took a couple bites out of it and I was in heaven.Untitled

Her dish was so yum.


The sauce mixed so well with the noodles. And the pork skewers were so soft and juicy. Omg. This was so good.

I was so jealous of her dish. I really wanted to just trash my burger and order the same thing.

But we are poor, so I can’t do that. And if I tried, I would get my ass kicked.

Next time Choi, order some local food. Stop eating burgers you turd.

Life Boss, I won the meal selection contest last time.

This time, you got me good.


Written from Bled, Hotel Ribno on July 4, 2018

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