Hong Kong


My last lunch before I head off to India for two weeks.

So why not go to a bar and grill? Better yet, why not go somewhere super close? Well hello la Terrazza bar and grill!

Argh, looking at these pictures makes me fucking hungry already. I got the burger.


le GF got the shrimp / scallop truffle pasta. Her dish beats my dish. BUT my burger was pretty awesome too, although it tasted like a mix of pork and beef…I hope I ate some real food and not some weird ass  fusion of meat.

Her pasta was damn delicious though. I didn’t have any, but the truffles smelled really good. You can’t really go wrong with truffles. If you manage to screw that up you should not be open.

Entrance of the restaurant.

tumblr_of2zp3oUM81rz57lco9_1280 tumblr_of2zp3oUM81rz57lco1_1280

This place got a really nice patio. I don’t know they didn’t open it on this fine Saturday afternoon. Maybe it was too hot. Or maybe because Hong Kong people don’t like the sun. I inquired the restaurant, you can bring your own wine. Corkage fee is HKD150. Yeah…don’t know about that. Might as well just order a wine from them.  The patio is also only available for drinks, you can’t have dinner there.

What a fucking waste.

tumblr_of2zp3oUM81rz57lco2_1280tumblr_of2zp3oUM81rz57lco4_1280Ordered the Frozen Kirin. Don’t think I have ever it before. It was quite delicious, really cold just like how I want it on a hot summer day.

You were a great surprise le Terrazza!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 15, 2016


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