Hong Kong


A Gordon Ramsay Restaurant.

You know the same guy that swears at everyone in his kitchen. Like shit, this guy is never happy. This british guy, is always fucking angry!

This is also the guy that opened another restaurant in Hong Kong, called the “London House“. I have been here for brunch and lunch before, and the food was quite decent. So when I had a dinner date with my cousin, I decided to come and try their dinner.tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco1_1280tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco10_1280tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco9_1280We started off this lovely evening by ordering a grilled salmon, and a burger. The beef burger was fucking delicious. Like shit Gordon Ramsay you did good with this Burger because it’s damnnnnn juicy. Good on yah.

The salmon? I am not sure. My cousin did not comment on it. I will ask her next time. She said it was alright I think. But I was half drunk so I don’t know if I heard right.

tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco8_1280tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco7_1280Yeah, I was drunk of out of my mind. Why? Because it’s a fucking Wednesday, and it’s fucking happy hour.

You HAVE TO DRINK during happy hour.

It was like 45 bucks a wine, so yes for sure I be drinking. You know it.

tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco6_1280tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco5_1280tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco4_1280Ordered chicken wings as our starter. Really liked the chicken wings too. Only complaint?

There’s only 5 pieces. Like shit come on man, I know it’s an appetizer but shit 5 pieces ain’t going to feed nobody. You fail. Give me more delicious wings next time.


tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco3_1280tumblr_oez4rpN0sJ1rz57lco2_1280Another thing I like about this restaurant is the location. Situated near the TST pier, you get a great view of the Hong Kong skyline. One of the best skylines ever. Not even joking. Come and see it for yourself.

Loved London House. You are a bit pricey, but given you are a Gordon Ramsy restaurant I figured.

I will come back.

Taken on July 9, 2017
Taken on July 9, 2017

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 13, 2016


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