You Don’t Need To Drink To Have Fun!!!! Or Not…

You don’t need to drink to have fun. Maybe.  Maybe not.  Now, this is not a post to persuade people to start drinking, nor is it to look down on people that stick by this philosophy.
No, this post is to just shed a light as to why drinking (casually) to me is fun!  So please take this post as a fun post, and not some propaganda building you-should-drink-because-that’s-the-only-way post.  Just some tongue and cheek:


When you drink, you start to get loose and start to leave behind the chains and confinement that you have built for yourself.  When that happens, I find that I am relaxed, more cheery, and genuinely more eager to strike up a conversation.  Not sure if this is because I am an introvert at heart, but I feel that unless I know someone very well, I tend not to open up.  Until we start drinking.  It’s like it’s a brotherhood or something when you drink together as a group. You play drinking games as a group, talk like adults (or like children),  flirt with the nearest chick (although you may regret it the next morning).  When you drink, you just don’t give a damn what people think.  You just are yourself, doing what you want with your buddies.

Granted, drinking does have it’s down sides.  I do feel like crap the next day.  But because of this, I am more enticed to exercise and jog and just sweat out all the toxins.  Yin Yang effect I guess.

Now, I do respect people that do not drink for whatever reason.  It’s like me trying to criticize a vegetarian for not wanting to eat meat.  But then, please do comment on how my chicken was brutally fed and killed just for my enjoyment.  And do not look down on my for wanting to eat meat.

I digress.

My point is, for me drinking is a social tool for people to connect and just let themselves go.  I am not promoting heavy drinking.  I am promoting fun drinking, just like how I would promote people to do sports or play poker together.  As long as you are not over doing it, you will be fine.

So next time, why not just have a drink and just enjoy the conversations with your friends?

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  1. Yay alcohol, for solving my problems with another problem ;P

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