My dad went on this trip with me, so of course we had to go visit Chinatown in Singapore.

Too be honest not much to see here.  I think the one in Toronto has much more life to it than Singapore, but if you are bringing your parents, then maybe you should pay this area a visit (recommend 1 hour max here). There’s also this nice resting place (see below) where you can have a nice chat =p

Next section is about the food in Singapore.  Two words, very delicious! Here’s a recap:

Chicken Rice:

Chicken Rice. This is a must eat dish in Singapore. To be more specific, this is the Hai Nan Chicken Dish.  We tried to go to a popular restaurant (as per the internet) however it was too packed.  So we decided to try something local, so we asked our taxi driver where he usually gets his Hai Nan chicken.  He took us to this street restaurant.  Not disappointed at all!

Chilli Crab

Another famous Singaporean dish.  We went to a hotel to grab this dish, and I apologize in advance as I do not remember the name of the restaurant.  Note to self, I will take a picture of the menu next time so I can remember where these restaurants are.

Eating with the dad.

Passerbella Market

Coworker wanted to check this place out.  This place has a lot of organic foods, so if you are into those type of meals then this is the place for you!  Took a taxi here, so unfortunately I do not have the exact address.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!



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  1. Why do parents always want to visit Chinatown at other countries?? Mine are the same.

  2. I went to the same pork bone tea restaurant too last time! This is most famous one in SG~ local language called “Bat Kut Teh” 🙂

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