CNN’s Top Ten Airports!?!?! I don’t think so

So I read an article a couple of weeks ago from CNN talking about the top 10 airports in the world.  Their list goes like this:

1) Singapore Changi
2) Incheon, Korea
3) Munich, Germany
4) Hong Kong
5) Amsterdam Schiphol
6) Tokyo, Japan
7) Beijing, China
8) Zurich
9) Vancouver, Canada
10) London, England

I have been to the airports in Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Beijing, Vancouver and England, so I can only comment on these airports.  Must say, I have to disagree with the order CNN has.  If it was up to me, I would rank it as follows (the ones that I have visited):


1) Hong Kong

I may be biased since I am living in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong airport has got to be the best.  Firstly, it is really easy to get to.  You can take the airport express from Central to the airport, all within 20 minutes.  You can also check in and drop your luggage off at your airline counters at either Central or Kowloon station.  Really convenient since that means you can just drop your bags off and see Hong Kong some more if you want.

It’s also one of the most efficient, cleanest airports I have been too.

The ability to bypass customs using just your ID card is just plain awesome.  Come on the other airports should get on with the times.  Toronto only recently implemented something similar, although instead of ID cards we have to swipe our passports.

To me, Hong Kong is number 1.

2) Vancouver

I’ve only been to the Vancouver airport once, when I was about young.  Although I have only a vague memory of the airport, for some reason it had a lasting impression on me.  I recall it to have a great natural feeling to it, with a lot of plants and water streams.  It could’ve changed since I have not been to Vancouver since forever.   But I feel like for North American standards, this is one of the top airports (if you have been to the airport in Sioux City you will agree in a heart beat).

Also may be biased, but I have to give North America some love.

3) Seoul

Okay, this post is just biased.  I love Seoul, so that’s why it beats out the other airports. haha.  But in all seriousness, Seoul is known for it’s lack of english skills, though I had no trouble navigating through the airport.  People are generally very nice here and are helpful.  The only beef I have with this airport is that it is a little more than an hour away from Seoul.  Other than that, no other complaints.


I really don’t know what the big deal about Changi airport is.  Yes, there is a lot of parks around the airport and yes the actual structure of the airport looks interesting.  But I remember the airport to be quite stuffy.  The lounges here also don’t compare to the ones in Hong Kong.  It may be because I was staying at the Cathay lounges, but it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

5) England

I had a stop over in Heathrow during my trip to Portugal.  This has got to be one of the biggest airports in the world.  I believe there were at least 5 terminals.  I recall landing here, and had to maneuver around the airport in order to get to the bus terminal so I can get transfer to the proper airport terminal to catch my flight.  I swear it took about 45 minutes to get to my destination.  Being a major transportation hub, there were a lot of people in the airport as well.

So yeah, heathrow airport? Huge.

6) Beijing

Surprised?  Usually I have a lot of love for China.  But Beijing airport to me needs some work.  Beijing (and generally in China) always experiences delays.  I heard it has something to do with the military in that they control the air space, therefore it takes forever for commercial airliners to take off.

Delays aside, I found the Beijing airport to be quite dark (not a lot of light).  Probably because of the pollution blocking the entire Sun.  All in all, was not impressed with the Beijing airport.

You probably may disagree with my opinion.  That’s okay!  All opinions welcomed!


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3 replies

  1. Agree to disagree. I might be biased too since I lived in Singapore for most of my life.

    I think Changi airport facilities are well thought. However, the customer service for shopping could have better standards. The airport staff are terrible. I had experiences where the airport staff (guiding which taxi slot to go) shouting at me for taking other taxi because the dumb ass guy in front took my designated taxi lot… What was I suppose to do? I just got back from Amsterdam and it was midnight.

    While the other was telling me I am not allowed to wait for my luggage near her Garuda Business Class station. She was just plain rude.

    Staff: You cannot wait here! Only business class passengers get bags here!
    Me: Just showed her my ticket and luggage bag sticker
    Staff: Are you sure you are on business class?!
    Me: … Yes…

    Never had any bad experience in Hong Kong airport though…

    • Hahah yeah bad customer service is the worse, especially after a long flight. Gotta admit tho, havent been back to Singapore in awhile. Would love to visit and eat their dam delicious food again!


  1. Skytrax World Airport Awards 2017 – Best Airports in the World | Jessica Tamaki

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