Hong Kong


We went here for our team dinner, because we are just so awesome. Blue Butcher is a steakhouse that is situated in Central, Hong Kong.  The exact address is as follows:

108 Hollywood Road, Central District,Hong Kong.


It is a really nice restaurant, so you should definitely bring your date / friends here. They also have a wide variety of drinks available.  For the ladies, you will enjoy their many offerings of cocktails.  For guys,  there is beer.


Picture added on June 9 2017

Food was delicious, although this restaurant is more at the high end so I think it’s a bit expensive.  Anyways, didn’t get to take much pictures since I was busy chowing down the food.  A must order is the steak, since it is a steakhouse afterall.  I believe we ordered two steaks (we share), and they were both really well cooked.  The meat itself was juicy, and not too rough.  We also order salad (of course), along with a couple of sides such as mushrooms, fries, onion rings etc.

I would recommend coming here for a special occasion.  Not sure if I will come for a casual dinner though (I prefer the local, casual diners if I am not looking for anything fancy).

Picture added on June 9 2017
Picture added on June 9 2017


Side note – I really like their logo.  Don’t know why.  I always liked the color blue, and the word blue.  Feels nice on your tongue when you pronounce it.  that’s kind of weird. Okay. Bye.


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