Really?? The sign here says egg custard bun.  I was craving for this for sooooooooooooooooooooo long.  but as you can see, this was no Egg Custard Bun.  You know, I really like China.  I think it’s a beautiful country (politics aside, and pollution).  But really, why must you be so misleading?


The sign is a very small example, but it leads me to my rant.  Why must you create fake things.

Okay, creating fake clothing brand, shoe brands is one thing.  But why must you create fake eggs, fake watermelon?  I saw a video the other day where manufacturers in China would inject chemicals into a watermelon to make it grow faster, bigger and more ripe.  However, when you actually try to cut it, the watermelon literally explodes.  That is disgusting.  They say that the new watermelons are actually more juicy, more sweet.  No thanks.  After seeing that video I did not have another piece of watermelon in China.

What’s sad though, is these products have already made it’s way to Hong Kong.  That means I also can not have watermelon in HK.

Seriously, I know making money is important.  But how you can make money off of someone’s life and health is beyond me.

Clean up your act China (the people that ruin it.  The others love ya!)


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