Shanghai French Concession.  Short summary of the history for this area, it used to be ruled by the French until it was given to the Japanese.  Today, it’s a popular tourist area with a lot of nice bars.  It was a Friday, so we decided to bar hop around the area!  I didn’t remember what the name of the first bar was, but we chose it because the interior looked nice. Well, at least that’s what the co workers said haha.  I was indifferent.  You can decide for yourself:


They had a lot of cocktails available, which the ladies loved.  I settled for wine since they didn’t have any beers on tap.  We chilled here for about 1 hour, and then proceeded to the next bar called the Apartments.

The apartments is a 4 story bar / club.  The second and third floors are like  bar / clubs.  The fourth floor is the rooftop bar, and this is where we hung out for the rest of the night.  It was very nice, but didn’t give any view of the city.  There were also a lot of mosquitoes so we were itching everywhere.   Overall, it was a good time but I probably will go to another bar next time I am in shanghai.  Picture of the rooftop bar:


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