Nanjing Road! There’s actually two parts to this road, there’s an Nanjing Road East, and a Nanjing Road West.  It’s long one of the longest, most busiest streets in the world.  It’s mainly known for it’s many shops.  But, if you walk along this road you will see the Bund at one end, and the People’s park in the middle.  I think Nanjing East is mostly for shopping, while the west road has mostly parks.   Walked the entire road on the Saturday, since I had nothing else to do.  Unfortunately, as you can see it was raining quite a bit.


Going to go off tangent a bit here, the pollution in Shanghai was pretty bad.  I did not see the sun for at least 2 days.  The sky was always grey.  I recall one day where it was so bad that I can literally see grey particles in front of me.  Coming back to Hong Kong isn’t much better, but at least I can see the sun.  Why I brought this up was, being a guy I did not bring an umbrella.  I must have been damn dirty after the rain poured on me (it probably brought with it the pollution).

Anyways.  I digress.

Walked along Nanjing road for about 2 hours.  Didn’t buy anything, although I did drink at a couple of bars.  Here’s another picture of the road:

Yes.  A lot of people.  If you walk towards the end of Nanjing Road (opposite of the bund) you will find a mall that is famous for selling fake things.  I walked in and saw a lot of sports stores that were selling jerseys.  I also saw a lot of foreigners buying here.  I hope they know it’s all fake.  Although I must admit, it does look pretty dam legit.


For those that want to know what the mall looks like, I took a picture of front:


really, when you are in China you have to be careful what you buy.  These guys are really, really smart. If they can make fake eggs and watermelon, they can make a fake Messi jersey.

Other than that, enjoy! =)

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  1. Welcome to Shanghai Part 7!!!! - Nanjing road

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