Eating with a friend……………..

Met up with JW in Hong Kong and caught up on a lot of stuff!

JW is pretty weird to be honest, but also a fun girl to hang out with so Sunday night definitely not wasted. I chose Erawan Thai Premium Restaurant for our chilling session because why the fuck not!

There’s also a rooftop area here so SCOREEE!

Breezy night, good company, now all we need to see is if they got some GOOD FOOD!

If you eating thai food. You have to get coconut juice! Pretty fresh! Though I have a feeling they added sugar to make it sweeter…


JW’s favorite dish was the raw shrimp dish.

It was my first time eating this…NOT BAD AT ALL!

Good recommendation JW.

I might just have to keep ordering this in my future Thai expeditions…though I am not sure if it will be as clean as this restaurant.


The pork dish with lettuce wraps was also delicious. I love this dish. I love lettuce wraps, and I loved the minced pork. It was super tasty!


Alright! So good food! Good company! Good night!




Our table

Lettuce Pork Dish


Table of Food!


Mango Sticky Rice


Me trying to be artistic

Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 6, 2017

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